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Choosing the Perfect Seating for Your Reading Nook

Choosing the Perfect Seating for Your Reading Nook

Nothing compares to relaxing on your favorite chair with a good book after a tiring day. It is the perfect way to escape the stresses of everyday life. Reading takes you on a wonderful journey to a whole new world. If you love to read, a reading nook is a must. It helps you to get away from everything and provides the perfect setting for reading enjoyment. However, creating the perfect reading nook can be a difficult task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, use these tips to create a great reading nook. Sofa and love chairs make for some of the best reading nook seating, here are some ideas!

reading nook sofa ideas

Choose seating that compliments your reading nook’s design style

Image via: Restructure Studio

Consider Armchairs and Ottomans

These two make a perfect combination. They create a cozy, traditional setup where you can relax with a good book and a hot cup of tea or coffee. They come in all sizes and can easily fit into living room corners. You can get wingback chairs for added privacy and small accent tables for your reading essentials.

Comfortable Sofas are Perfect

The sofa you choose will determine how comfortable you’ll be as you read. It can be a cozy one like the Jennifer Taylor La Rosa Sofa or a utilitarian one like the Sandy Wilson Fusion Tufted Back Sofa. You can add floor pillows, cushions, or beanbags for luxury. If you have ample space, include different sofas for flexibility. Assess your home first to get an idea of how you should design the space.

Red Burgundy Sofa Reading Nook

Wouldn’t this Jennifer Taylor La Rosa Sofa be wonderful to read on?

Image via: Furnished Up

Portable Chairs offer Versatility

Sometimes the best reading chairs are those that are portable, not those that are super comfy. If you like to read in different areas, get folding chairs or inexpensive lawn chairs you can easily bring in at night. The only negative aspect of these chairs is that they aren’t very comfortable or attractive. If you want something that’s beautiful and portable, get midcentury modern loungers. They have eye-catching designs which make them lovely permanent additions to almost any room.

reading nook seating ideas

Transform your favorite corner into a reading nook with comfortable seating

Image via: Total Concepts

Your reading nook must be an area that makes you feel relaxed and should be located away from the center of traffic. It can be the corner of your living room, the spot next to a beautiful window, or outdoors in the porch. The place must make you feel great but also be quiet enough to allow you to focus on your book. The quieter it is, the more you’ll want to use it. You can even create multiple reading nooks if you have plenty of space.

Adding Drama to Your Dining Room with a Striking Sideboard

Adding Drama to Your Dining Room with a Striking Sideboard

Sideboards or buffets are usually located near a casual or formal dining table. Their cabinets are used to store dinnerware, china, and linens while their tops are used to serve food from. Some have drawers for storing serving dishes and cutlery. Decorating a sideboard to enhance its functionality and appeal is not a difficult thing; the only secret is to stay true to the original purpose. Use the following tips to add pizzazz to your dining room with multi-functional sideboards.

Buffet Sideboard Mid Centruy modern

This mid-century modern sideboard compliments its surroundings beautifully

Image via: Willey Design

Choose the Perfect Design

A sideboard’s design can make or break a dining room. It is therefore important to consider the size, height, and style before deciding which one to buy. Sideboards come in different sizes; some have two doors while others have many like the Herald Sideboard. Choose a sideboard that will fit into your dining room perfectly – not one that will overwhelm the room or get overwhelmed by it. Other things to take into consideration are the attributes of the room. These determine the best choice of furniture. Conduct a thorough research before you make a final choice.

Buffet Sideboard Herald Sideboard

Herald Sideboard fits any contemporary decor

Image via: Furnished Up

Use the Buffet Tabletop for Decor

If you don’t use your sideboard’s top to serve meals, decorate it. Sideboards with flat tops like the Emma White Lacquer Modern Buffet are perfect for displaying unique items. You can display beautiful artwork, family photos, or collectibles. Other items that make a big impact are flowers and light sources. Choose a lovely vase for the flowers and always keep it filled with fresh flowers. For the light source, use a vintage lantern, a stick lamp, or candles in candlesticks or candelabras.

Buffet Sideboard Emma White Lacquer Modern buffet

Buffet Sideboard – Emma White Lacquer Modern Buffet

Image via: Furnished Up

Create a Focal Point with Artwork Hung Above

Hanging art on the wall behind a sideboard helps draw attention to the area. You can use mirrors, art canvases, or framed photos for this purpose. Relate the artwork to the furniture below by positioning it 6-12 inches above the top. However, this strategy might not work if the artwork is too small. In such a case, you can surround the art with other objects like mirrors, plates, and decorative items.

Buffet sideboard ideas

Use your sideboard for storage and decorative accessories

Image via: Wayne Windham Architect

Gone are the days when sideboards were just antique furniture pieces your mum kept her china in. They are now statement pieces that hold their own in dining rooms. They are perfect storage solutions which double as places to hide clutter and to display your favorite items. Unlike dining tables which must be kept free of decorations, they can be decorated indefinitely.

Ideal Outdoor Furniture Options to Entertain Large Groups

Ideal Outdoor Furniture Options to Entertain Large Groups

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home’s interior. It should have high-quality, stylish furnishings that reflect the indoors. Beautiful furniture not only shows off your creative side, it allows people to relax in comfort. If you love to entertain outdoors, choose gorgeous furniture. It will be the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer day or a warm, breezy evening. Here’s how you can choose outdoor furniture for large groups.

outdoor furniture ideas wood

Create conversation areas for your outdoor entertaining

Image via: Duane Kaschak, ID

Bistro Sets

These are perfect for areas like balconies, breakfast nooks, or apartment patios. They are more practical for exteriors than hulking monster pieces since they can be easily carried from one place to another. They come in handy during summer when people move furniture frequently to follow the sun.

Bistro sets come in different materials in standard and balcony height. If you’re going for a classic look, get a wrought iron set. For added comfort, choose a cushioned set. The good thing about bistro sets is that they can be dolled up with decorative seat cushions.

Outdoor Conversation Sets

Conversation sets create living rooms outdoors and are perfect for entertaining. They include sets like the Renava Kona Modern Outdoor Sofa Set and the Renava Master Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set. They look good in the front porch and the back porch and offer plenty of room for sitting. Some are modular and can be arranged into different compositions according to the occasion.

Reneva Kona Modern Outdoor Sofa

Reneva Kona Modern Outdoor Sofa

Image via: Furnished Up

Outdoor Dining Sets

Dining sets are perfect for those who enjoy alfresco dining. They come in different styles and sizes and are comprised of matching sets of tables and chairs. They are available in both natural and artificial materials and help you to create a lovely eating spot outdoors. Some dining sets require a lot of maintenance while others require none. Some come with extendable tables which are perfect for entertaining large groups.

outdoor furniture patio ideas

Regardless of your patio size create welcoming seating options

Image via:  Dufner Heighes Inc.

Choose a dining set that looks welcoming to make people want to linger after eating. Sets with upholstered wood seats or cushioned seats are a good choice. They bring elegance to outdoor spaces.

The great outdoors has become the go-to place for homeowners seeking additional entertaining space. Pools, decks, gardens, and outdoor rooms are being transformed into all-season getaways. If you love the outdoors more than the indoors or simply enjoy entertaining there, beautify the space. Make it the perfect spot for outdoor gatherings and family picnics. You’ll be proud of the space and your friends will love sharing your outdoor home with you!

Giving a Double Function to Your Room with Versatile Ottomans

Giving a Double Function to Your Room with Versatile Ottomans

Once reserved for royalty, ottomans have come a long way since they were first introduced to Europe in the late eighteenth century. They are double-duty furniture pieces that often wear double or even triple hats. They can be used for a variety of purposes as they come in different styles, patterns, and colors.

Ottomans make a great style statement and help you to save a lot of space. Here’s how you can use them to add function.

ottoman ideas

Give a double function with gorgeous tufted ottomans

Image via: Chango & Co.

Ottomans as Coffee Tables

Ottomans are gradually phasing out traditional coffee tables thanks to their unmatched functionality. You can use them as footstools when you want to rest and entertain guests whenever they come over. When choosing an ottoman to double as a coffee table, choose one with a flat top like the Sandy Wilson Furniture Bench. The top should be flat enough to hold a board game or a bowl of snacks and stable enough to support beverages.

ottoman_sandy wilson furniture bench

Sandy Wilson Furniture Bench

Image via: Furnished Up

Make Them Focal Points

The creative designs and bright colors of ottomans make them stunning focal points. They are perfect conversation pieces and can look informal in rustic rooms, or lush and extravagant in affluent settings. You can also choose ottomans with interesting shapes for a playful touch. Whatever your style, there’s an ottoman for it.

Double-functioning seating and storage

Many homes have open-plan living spaces or single living rooms nowadays. Ottomans add a lot of function to such spaces. They can divide up the space and add versatility. They can also provide alternative seating and change into sofas when placed against walls and adorned with throw pillows. A great example of a comfy ottoman is the Sandy Wilson Bella Ottoman.

ottoman_orange rust

Sandy Wilson Bella Ottoman

 Image via: Furnished Up

Besides functioning as footrests and coffee tables, ottomans can also be used for storage. Some come with hidden storage for small items like children’s toys, DVDs, or remote controls. You can also place one at the foot of your bed for added storage. Depending on the style you choose, you can get an ottoman with a top that folds back, lifts up, or moves to the side. Those with hinged tops provide the best storage as they are convenient and disguise themselves brilliantly.

ottoman ideas living room

Ottomans can create a focal point or blend in beautifully with the surroundings

Image via: MB Designs, Inc.

If you have a small home, you need furniture pieces that can serve more than one function. They’ll not only help you to save on space, they’ll also help you to cut back on your decorating budget. Get stylish, multifunctional ottomans and add comfort and convenience to your interiors. They will enhance the room’s overall beauty, utility, and style. Use these helpful tips to see how ottomans can enhance your entertaining space and perform in more functional ways than you imagined.

Add a Punch of Color to Your Home with Dynamic Area Rugs

Add a Punch of Color to Your Home with Dynamic Area Rugs

There is something about an area rug in your interiors that you only notice when they aren’t there! Are your floors looking bare? Make them come alive with area rugs. Area rugs come in vibrant hues and can transform dull rooms instantly. They are versatile and look good in any space. Additionally, their unique designs give rooms personality and reflect your specific taste and style. If you are wondering how to decorate with rugs, look to these tips for inspiration.

area rug ideas orange

Choose an area rug that compliments your design style

Image via: Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Place Area Rugs beneath Furniture

Floor rugs placed beneath furniture provide two things: comfort and interest. They give users a comfortable living area that is devoid of wall-to-wall carpeting and also enhance the decor. If you want your family and friends to get comfy on the floor as well as the sofa, choose a rug that covers most of the room.

Layering Rugs for Texture

If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, add smaller rugs on top for color, texture, and dimension. Layering rugs creates a warm and calm effect. For the best outcome, start with a low-pile carpet in a solid tone and enhance it with a fluffy flokati or a zebra-print rug like the Zebra Urban Shearling Rug.

area rug zebra urban shearling

This Zebra urban shearling rug adds interest to a bland hallway

Image via: Furnished Up

If you don’t have a carpet but still want to layer rugs, choose two with the same fabrication or construction. Place the smaller rug on top of the big one and experiment with various arrangements. Be sure to leave about a foot of floor space around the rugs to ensure the floor frames the look. Your masterpiece won’t have the same effect if it is obscured by furniture.

Outdoor carpets can lend texture and color to an otherwise cold and hard surface. Look at your outdoor deck and choose all-weather rugs that shed and release moisture easily.

outdoor area rug stripes

Outdoor area rugs add texture and warmth to cold/hard surfaces

Image via: Scot Meacham Wood Design

Use Similar Color Schemes to Anchor Spaces

Black or white rugs with different accent colors anchor settings and define focal points. If you are decorating an open plan living area, choose rugs with the same color scheme but different patterns like the Ivory Sexto Longwool Pelted Rug. The patterns create individual areas while the colors tie the room together. Avoid using the same design throughout your home as it will make the area look boring. Go for different designs you can move around periodically for a new look.

area rug ivory sexto longwool pelted

Ivory Sexto Longwool Pelted Rug

Image via: Furnished Up

Rugs provide a lot of comfort and add a quick update. They are perfect for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of painting or those who live in rented spaces. They offer a welcome change from neutral design schemes thanks to their fine selection of colors. Follow the above tips to choose the best area rugs for your space.

How to Update Your Dining Room Chairs For Summer Entertaining

How to Update Your Dining Room Chairs For Summer Entertaining

Summer brings with it bright hues and long sunny days. It is the perfect time to give your home a makeover. If you’re thinking of redecorating your dining room, start with the chairs. Dining room chairs are the first things people see when they enter your dining room. They should therefore be appealing, comfy, and welcoming. If your dining chairs are looking a bit drab and reflecting badly on your dining room, give them a fresh summer update with these easy tips.

dining room chairs interior

Update your dining room chairs this summer!

Image via: Thompson Custom Homes

Upholster Old Cushions with New and Stylish Fabric

Dining chairs with outdated or worn-out fabric look very unappealing. Update yours with new, gorgeous material. There are many upholstery retailers both online and offline who sell beautiful furniture fabrics. Take time to choose a fabric that makes a perfect match for your seats. A lovely fabric like the one used on Hannah Chair can give your dining chairs a permanent summer look and help you to avoid buying new furniture every summer. You can also add padding over the old upholstery for extra comfort.

dining room chairs ideas

CBring life to your dining room chairs

Image via: Furnished Up

Buy New Seat Cushions and Slipcovers

New cushions add instant style and comfort to your dining chairs. They are a good option for chairs that need a little extra care. Many furniture stores sell seat cushions in different designs and colors. Some can just be tied to the legs of the chairs.

Slipcovers also provide a quick update. You can get them in lovely patterns and hues and update your chairs when summer comes around. If you want to give your dining room a harmonious look, choose slipcovers in the same color. Also make sure you buy machine-washable ones which last longer.

dining room chairs covers

Consider using slipcovers for a new look to your chairs

Image via: Denise Maloney Interior Design

Embrace the Season with Summer Dining Chairs

If you like to entertain in summer, it is important to have more than one set of dining chairs. You can get a set of dining chairs in different styles and colors and reserve one for summer. The secret is to choose affordable dining chairs like the Curvy Dining Side Chair.

dining room casual chairs

Summer colors are perfect for entertaining this season

Image vis: Furnished Up

Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It deserves just as much attention as the other rooms. When beautifully decorated, it can make people want to linger after meals. Use the above tips to spruce up your dining chairs and transform your dining room. You’ll not only impress all your family and friends, you’ll make them look forward to your dinners.

Making a Statement in Your Interiors with the Perfect Chandelier

Making a Statement in Your Interiors with the Perfect Chandelier

Chandeliers are lovely pieces of art that usually serve as visual focal points. They can transform the atmosphere of a room in an instant and add function and style. However, when they aren’t selected well, they can become ugly monstrosities that overwhelm spaces without even adding good lighting. To make a statement with chandeliers, keep the following tips in mind.

chandelier styles

Choose a Chandelier style that you love!

Image via: Mark Hickman Homes

Choose a Chandelier You Love

When buying a chandelier for your home, get one that appeals to your tastes. A chandelier that fits your personal preferences shows off your unique style and adds beauty to your space. You can mix traditional fixtures with modern furniture or modern fixtures with traditional furniture.

Use it In Unexpected Places

Use chandeliers in unexpected places like bathrooms, home offices, dark corners, and breakfast nooks for added effect. Most people don’t use chandeliers in bathrooms as they consider them too small. However, small and stylish fixtures like the “Butler” Pendant can look very good in brightly-lit bathrooms.

Chandelier_Butler Pendant

Chandelier – Butler Pendant

Image via: Furnished Up

You can also use a chandelier in a nursery to enhance the décor of the room. When decorating large spaces, use more than one fixture. Choose two small chandeliers and hang them at different levels to give the room a fresh look. Other unexpected places you can use chandeliers include the porch and gazebo.

Install a Dimmer Switch

Most interior designers recommend dimmer switches as they offer a more flattering light and create a terrific atmosphere. They provide a low amount of light while maintaining visibility. When choosing a dimmer switch, make sure it is compatible with your chandelier’s light bulb.

chandelier orb idea

Consider a chandelier that fits your design style & dining room table

Image via: Shirley Meisels

Match It to Your Dining Table

When buying a chandelier for your dining room, don’t take into account the size of the room but rather the size of the dining table. The fixture should be about ½ to ⅔ the width of the table or approximately one foot less than the table’s width at its widest point. Constellation Large Decorative Pendant is a great example of a regular dining room chandelier. Its large size is ideal for big dining areas with high ceilings. The fixture can function as a room’s focal point without overwhelming the entire space.

Chandelier_Constellation large decorative

Chandelier Constellation large decorative pendant

Image via: Furnished Up

Chandeliers are beautiful additions that brighten up rooms just by being. They add depth to your design scheme by drawing eyes upward. However, choosing the right one can be tricky. The above tips will help you to find the perfect chandelier for your home.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink Vanity for Your Lifestyle

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink Vanity for Your Lifestyle

Your bathroom is the place where you relax and rejuvenate. It is an intimate, sensual place that deserves only the best accessories. A beautiful bathroom ensures you start and end your day perfectly. One of the items that can make your bathroom look outstanding is a sink vanity. It comes in a variety of styles and makes a perfect match for virtually any bathroom. If you are looking for the perfect sink vanity for your lifestyle, here are some tips.

choosing a vanity_rustic sink

Choose a sink that fits your lifestyle

Image via: Elad Gonen

Choose a size and height that compliments your bathroom

Choose a vanity that matches the size of your bathroom. Getting a large vanity for a tiny bathroom makes no sense no matter what your storage needs are. While your storage needs do determine the size of vanity you get, more important is the bathroom size. Evaluate your lifestyle and the demands to be placed on the vanity and the size will quickly become evident. Your vanity sink height depends on who is using the vanity. A vanity that is too short or too tall isn’t good for any space. Choose one that will offer comfort and convenience to the users. 32 inches was traditionally the go-to height for bathroom vanities but modern designers recommend 34 to 35 inches.

choosing a vanity_modern sink

Measure your bathroom to see what size will fit best

Image via: Toulmin Homes

Choosing Wall-Mount or Cabinet-Style vanities

Bathroom vanities come in different designs but the most common are wall-mount and cabinet-style vanities. Each is suitable for different lifestyles and can be used in a variety of settings. If you are limited for space or simply prefer clean-lined, modern designs, wall-mount vanities are best. They can be attached to walls leaving ample space underneath. Their floating design gives rooms an open, airy feel. Some wall-mount vanities like the Madrid 48″ Single Sink offer plenty of storage while others provide little storage. You can use the space under a wall-mount vanity to store bathroom essentials.

choosing vanity sink_madrid single sink

Madrid 48″ Single Sink Vanity

Image via: Furnished Up

Choosing Cabinet-Style Vanities

Cabinet-style vanities are common in many homes because of their generous storage. While they take up a lot of space, they have built-in drawers and hidden compartments that provide great storage. Before you buy one however, examine it carefully to make sure it won’t overwhelm your space visually. If you have a small bathroom, choose a sink vanity with legs like the Venetian 48″ Single Sink Vanity Set that blends an attractive open design with storage capacity.

choosing vanity sink_venetian single sink

Venetian single sink vanity

Image via: Furnished Up

When buying a sink vanity, you’ll come across an endless supply of styles. Take time to choose the right one as the wrong one can destroy your bathroom’s design. Choose a vanity that will make people light up when they walk into your bathroom.

Brightening Your Outdoor Home with Relaxing Patio Furniture

Brightening Your Outdoor Home with Relaxing Patio Furniture

The warmer weather is here and that means entertaining family and friends, right? If you love relaxing or entertaining outdoors, beautiful furniture is a must. Good patio furniture adds comfort and value to your home. It gives your outdoor space a personal touch and allows you to enjoy the lovely weather. If you want to make the most of your exterior, use these valuable tips to find the perfect outdoor furniture.

patio furniture repair adirondack

Relax in style with the right furniture like these Adirondack style chairs

Image via: Houzz

Determine How You’d like to Use the Space

Before you buy patio furniture, consider how you’d like the space to function. Will it be used as a dining area on warm nights, a place to entertain family and friends, or as a peaceful reading nook? Note down all the things you would like to do in the space and use the information as a guide to help you choose the correct furniture. For example, if you intend to use the space to host evening cocktails, choose comfy furniture like the Veranda 5 Piece Outdoor Patio Sectional Set and not regular dining furniture. The Veranda set also comes in red, and blue to match your decorative style.

outdoor furniture_veranda patio sectional

Veranda 5 Piece Outdoor Patio Sectional Set

Image via: Furnished Up

Test for Comfort

Make comfort a top priority when buying outdoor furniture. Comfortable patio furniture is used just as regularly as living room furniture. It appeals to everyone and is very convenient. Avoid buying furniture that looks good but offers nothing in terms of comfort. When buying steel or wooden furniture, make sure it has some homey comforts like soft throw cushions.

patio furniture repair poolside

Give your outdoor home a relaxing feel with the perfect furniture

Image via: Homes

Choose Neutral Colored Furniture

Most people have earth-toned furnishings in their living rooms but not outdoors. What they don’t know is that earth-colored furniture also looks great outdoors as it blends in with the environment. When choosing patio furniture for your outdoor home, choose that which complements the browns and greens of the environment like the Renava 7002 Patio Sofa Set. Avoid black furniture as it tends to get very hot when placed under direct sun. Go for blue, green, and yellow furniture to add an element of fun and playfulness. For longevity, reserve bold colors for throw cushions and accent pieces.

Outdoor Patio furniture Renava Sofa

Outdoor Patio furniture Renava Sofa

Image via: Furnished Up

Invest in Quality

You always get what you pay for with furniture so it is important to check consumer reviews and reports before buying patio furniture. For example, plastic resin chairs look great when new but only keep their good looks for 1-2 years before they become brittle and lose their appealing color.

Beautiful patio furniture adds comfort and function to your exteriors. It instantly transforms a basic brick patio into a stunning dining spot. Follow the above tips to make your patio a second family room during the warm months of the year.