How to Bring Autumn to Your Dining Room Sideboard

How to Bring Autumn to Your Dining Room Sideboard

This autumn bring the warm signs of the season into your dining room. Sideboards are designed to hold dishes and serving pieces in dining rooms. While they are quite utilitarian in nature, they can easily add beauty and style to a room. They can be decorated to reflect occasions, events, and even seasons. Beautifying a sideboard is not hard as long as you stay true to the main purpose. The dining table might be the focal point in the dining room, but a sideboard can steal the show when decorated beautifully. Take inspiration from these tips and make your sideboard a stunning autumn centerpiece.

sideboard autumn foliage

Awaken your dining room  with a striking sideboard and decor

Image via: Office of Architecture & Design

Keep It Simple and Symmetrical

Simple fall arrangements look good on long sideboards like Ambra. They can make your sideboard stand out. You can make the arrangements using bouquets of red and yellow roses, calla lilies, or orange dahlias. You can also showcase pumpkins in gorgeous glass cloches. Elevate them on cake stands and you’ll be able to convert them to holiday treats quickly.

Use Decorative Candles & Lamps

Candle clusters are a simple styling strategy. They are elegant and create a warm and homely atmosphere. You can mix tall and short ones or traditional and modern ones to create visual weight and significance. Silver candlesticks look fresh and inviting in a contemporary dining room. Rustic ones are inexpensive and look good in country homes or cottages. Vintage candlesticks are ideal for those who love unusual design or age-old fashion.

sideboard autumn ideas

Create an autumn focal point with foliage and decorative items

Image via: Emily Payne

Create an Autumn Garden

Mix autumn products to create a lush centerpiece. You can use tiny gourds, pods, cones, and squash. To enhance the arrangement, put the items on a tray, a shallow box, or an antique dough riser. Add acorns, oak leaves, and moss which are easily available in local craft stores. Garden centerpieces look stunning on sideboards as they do on dining tables.

Buffet sideboard Armani 622 180

Buffet sideboard Armani 622 180

Image via: Furnished Up

Conservatory Terrarium

A small conservatory terrarium with potted plants not only makes a statement, it shows off your love for nature. You can add a faux bird for a whimsical look. Remember to keep the terrarium out of direct sunlight to prevent it from overheating. If you have a wood sideboard like Armani 622-180 Buffet, protect its surface from moisture by displaying the plants on trays, platters, or plates. While sideboards are functional in nature, they can be used to add beauty and style to dining rooms. They present wonderful decorating opportunities. Unlike dining tables, they have unused surfaces which can be bedecked with different items. Use the above guidelines to make your sideboard an autumn wonder.

Choosing the Perfect Sized Table for Your Cozy Apartment

Choosing the Perfect Sized Table for Your Cozy Apartment

With modern homes becoming smaller and smaller, homeowners are forced to look for key furniture pieces that best fit their spaces. One of these pieces is a dining table. A dining table is a crucial element in a dining room as it can make or break the style of the space. When choosing a dining table for your small home or new apartment, don’t buy the first one you see. Take time to shop around till you find one that fits your style. Follow these simple guidelines to find a table that’s perfect for your home.

small dining room ideas

This small dining room table is perfect amongst bench seating

Image via: Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Measure the Space

It is important to measure your dining room or the area where you intend to place the dining table as this helps you to choose the perfect size. Furniture usually looks smaller in stores. Remember to leave ample space between the table and wall so that people can sit and stand comfortably. If you have a sideboard or buffet in the room, measure up to where it’s placed to get an accurate measurement of the available space.

Consider a Smaller Dining Set

A small dining area shouldn’t mean you can’t entertain and eat in style. Small dining sets are a wonderful idea as are bistro sets. Instead of 4 chairs consider 2 chairs that will compliment your dining room. Dining sets can complete dining rooms beautifully and offer comfort and convenience. They come in a variety of styles and fit beautifully into small spaces. In addition, buying a set means that you’ll spend less time shopping for furniture and more time sharing great meals with your family and friends.

Small Dining Room

Small Dining Room

Image via: Michael Fullen Design Group

Try an Extendable Table or a Round Table

If you have a small family and don’t entertain often, get an extending table like Modrest Flavor. It takes up little space when closed and can accommodate many people when extended. Extendable tables come in different versions and can be made with or without leaves. They are perfect for small interiors because they use up a small amount of space. They do not overwhelm areas and keep dining rooms looking tidy. They are sturdy and can handles spills, heavy books, and anything else a day brings.

Round tables like Lippa accommodate more chairs than rectangular or square tables. They are ideal for big families and people who like to entertain. While they recall traditional country kitchens, they come in a wide range of styles these days and feature contemporary designs. Some round dining tables come with curved chairs which fit beautifully around the table edge.

Small tablae ideas Lippa

Small table ideas like the Lippa chairs and table set are ideal for small dining areas

Image via: Furnished Up

The most memorable moments in life often take place as we eat. Good meals complete holidays and special occasions; people eat as they interact with family and friends. These celebratory meals deserve a stunning table people will remember for years. Use the above guidelines to choose the best dining table for your cozy home. Your guests will not only enjoy your lovely dishes, they will be captivated by the table on which they are placed.

Cool Clocks: Taking Your College Dorm Room to the Next Level

Cool Clocks: Taking Your College Dorm Room to the Next Level

While we depend on them daily we often forget that these functional pieces of equipment can have a gorgeous aesthetic too! They help us to wake up on time and to stay organized the whole day. If you’ve just moved into your college dorm room or are simply looking for a way to spruce up the space, get a clock. Most dorm rooms lack character and are in dire need of updates. Contemporary clocks provide the perfect update. Here are some ways you can use them to add pizzazz to your dorm room.

Apartment dorm room wall clock

Bring pizazz to your dorm room or apartment

Image via: Kristen McGaughey

Create a Layered Look with Small Clocks

Do you have a wall in your room that just looks empty? Why not fill it with small clocks? Group them together to create an artistic focal point that tells a story. A collection of small clocks helps you to keep time and also creates a clean look. You can adorn one wall with the clocks or create a collage by adding other décor pieces like vintage plates or picture frames. You can also create a streamlined look with clocks of different sizes. Dorm rooms may be limited in size but most have walls with plenty of space.

apartment dorm room clock ideas

Apartment dorm room clock ideas

Image via: Miro Dvorscak

Make a Statement with a Big Clock

Big clocks make a bold statement with their graphic nature. Beautiful and classy ones like the Vintage Wall Clock can deliver some much-needed interest and style. They make great centerpieces as they beautifully contrast with the clean look of most dorm rooms. You can place your big clock next to the door to check the time on your way out or position it against a square-shaped wall to add an element of design.

Vintage wall clock tan

Make a statement with a large Vintage wall clock

Image via: Furnished Up

Choose the Perfect Style

Wall clocks come in every style and design these days. There are traditional ones, transitional ones, and contemporary ones. The clock you choose will determine the look of your dorm room so don’t go out and buy the first one you see. Pick a clock that reflects your style and adds interest to the space. Think of it as a design object and you’ll be sure to choose an alluring piece like the Starburst Wall Clock. If your style is more whimsical in nature consider the Sunbean Wall Clock to go with your dorm room decor and university colors.

Sunbeam wall clock

Sunbeam wall clock adds whimsy to your dorm room

Image via: Furnished Up

If there is one element in life we can’t escape, it is the element of time. Time ticks away creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Celebrate it with a stunning wall clock you’ll be proud to show off to your friends. Clocks are useful and add beauty to a space. They bring life to interiors and create a lovely atmosphere. When used creatively and tastefully, they can become dazzling wall décor.

Bringing in Regency Style Glam with Illuminating Table Lamps

Bringing in Regency Style Glam with Illuminating Table Lamps

The perfect table lamps can make a room feel cozier and more inviting. Table lamps look good anywhere and can be used in almost any room. However, choosing the right one can be a hard task. You may have difficulty finding the perfect lamp or getting one that works well with your space. If you’ve always been a fan of Regency style and want to replicate the look or simply want to try something new, make use of the following tips.

Regency Style bedroom

Regency Style lighting can bring glamour to any room in your home

Image via: Sealy Design Inc.

Look for “Show-Stopper” Elements

The Regency style was all about making a home a showpiece and old designers left no stone unturned in achieving this. They created elegant, sophisticated lamps by merging clean-cut designs with minimal decorations. They also made lamps from rare materials such as polished silver. Choose lamps with glossy hues or shiny elements to reflect the style and to make your rooms stand out.

Select Lamps with Reflective Elements

The recent popularity of the Hollywood Regency style has inspired many designers to create outstanding pieces. Mirrors were a big part of the style. They were incorporated into furniture for living rooms, dressing rooms, and even bedrooms. If you want Regency-style lamps with a modern twist, get those similar to the Tableau Crystal Table Lamp. It is made of crystal and metal and adds brightness to spaces. Its reflective elements imitate mirrors and add a surprising twist.

Tablueau Crystal table lamp

Tablueau Crystal table lamp has reflective style

Image via: Furnished Up

Choose Lamps with Classical Designs

The Regency style was comprised of small scale pieces with fine lines or feminine curves like the Panacea Table Lamp. Modern Regency lamps reflect all the intrinsic glamour of another era but are amazingly relevant totoday’s contemporary homes. They celebrate the intricacy and artistry of traditional materials and have beautiful shades which look at home with different furnishings.

Regency style interiors

Regency style interiors

Image via: DKOR Interiors

Color was also an essential part of the Regency style. Designers frequently used bold colors like red, turquoise, and yellow. You can get a lamp in one of these colors and contrast it with white or black décor for a dramatic effect.

Pancea Table Lamp

Pancea Table Lamp brings color and stately style

Image via: Furnished Up

The Regency style was very popular with the rich and famous back in the day. This isn’t the case nowadays. The style has been embraced by homeowners everywhere. If you want to try it in your home, get illuminating table lamps. They provide ample light and allow you to focus on your tasks. Additionally, they enhance the beauty of your space and add depth and dimension. Table lights transform dull and boring interiors into spectacular showpieces.

Outfitting Your Office with Back to School Inspiration

Outfitting Your Office with Back to School Inspiration

This back to school season is a perfect time to get organized. Your children go back to school and you have more time on your hands. Whether you work from home or in a traditional office, you need an organized environment. Good furniture helps you to create the perfect office setup. Take inspiration from the back to school season and revamp your home office with these easy tips.

home office modern

Outfit your home office with back to school organization and style

Image via: Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Choose Functional Furniture

School furniture has been known to last for generations. This is because it is chosen with the utmost of care. When selecting a desk or chair for your office, don’t be in a hurry. Take time to choose the perfect piece and compare the qualities of different products before picking one. You’ll be sure to choose a great piece like the Modrest Lincoln Modern Office Desk and Side Storage Cabinet.

office desk modrest lincoln

The Modrest Lincoln Modern Office Desk adds functionality and style!

Image via: Furnished Up

Select Office Furniture and it’s Use

As much as you would hate to admit it, you spend plenty of time in your office. It’s only fair that the furniture you choose fits your type of work. For example, if you repair computers for a living, you need office furniture that’s different from a writer’s. A writer needs a comfy chair like the Rigdom Desk Chair  that ensures the long hours spent at the desk will be ergonomically comfortable while being functional at the same time.

office chair rigdom desk chaira

Rigdom desk chair offers comfort when sitting for an extended time

Image via: Furnished Up

Schools choose their furniture according to function and this is a concept you should adopt. Choose furniture which promotes efficiency and integrates your technology. It will not only increase your productivity; it will enhance your office’s overall appeal.

Select Office Furniture with Ample Storage

An office doesn’t just comprise a desk and a chair; it is made up of different items such as files, stationery, and supplies. All these need to be stored safely so as to keep the room clutter-free. Choose an office desk that can accommodate all your office essentials. While there are many gorgeous desks in the market today, some don’t have drawers or shelves and force users to pile their tops with paperwork and supplies. These are not conducive to working. Opt for a desk with enough storage that fits beautifully into your space.

home office ideas double seating

Storage is essential in your functioning home office

Image via: Highmark Builders

Whether you work in a regular office or a home office, it is important to choose high-quality furniture. It impresses your business associates and creates a more comfortable working environment. It also makes a great first impression on new clients. Take inspiration from the back-to-school season and make your office the place of your dreams.

lighting placement guide

lighting placement guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Choosing the Perfect Seating for Your Reading Nook

Choosing the Perfect Seating for Your Reading Nook

Nothing compares to relaxing on your favorite chair with a good book after a tiring day. It is the perfect way to escape the stresses of everyday life. Reading takes you on a wonderful journey to a whole new world. If you love to read, a reading nook is a must. It helps you to get away from everything and provides the perfect setting for reading enjoyment. However, creating the perfect reading nook can be a difficult task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start, use these tips to create a great reading nook. Sofa and love chairs make for some of the best reading nook seating, here are some ideas!

reading nook sofa ideas

Choose seating that compliments your reading nook’s design style

Image via: Restructure Studio

Consider Armchairs and Ottomans

These two make a perfect combination. They create a cozy, traditional setup where you can relax with a good book and a hot cup of tea or coffee. They come in all sizes and can easily fit into living room corners. You can get wingback chairs for added privacy and small accent tables for your reading essentials.

Comfortable Sofas are Perfect

The sofa you choose will determine how comfortable you’ll be as you read. It can be a cozy one like the Jennifer Taylor La Rosa Sofa or a utilitarian one like the Sandy Wilson Fusion Tufted Back Sofa. You can add floor pillows, cushions, or beanbags for luxury. If you have ample space, include different sofas for flexibility. Assess your home first to get an idea of how you should design the space.

Red Burgundy Sofa Reading Nook

Wouldn’t this Jennifer Taylor La Rosa Sofa be wonderful to read on?

Image via: Furnished Up

Portable Chairs offer Versatility

Sometimes the best reading chairs are those that are portable, not those that are super comfy. If you like to read in different areas, get folding chairs or inexpensive lawn chairs you can easily bring in at night. The only negative aspect of these chairs is that they aren’t very comfortable or attractive. If you want something that’s beautiful and portable, get midcentury modern loungers. They have eye-catching designs which make them lovely permanent additions to almost any room.

reading nook seating ideas

Transform your favorite corner into a reading nook with comfortable seating

Image via: Total Concepts

Your reading nook must be an area that makes you feel relaxed and should be located away from the center of traffic. It can be the corner of your living room, the spot next to a beautiful window, or outdoors in the porch. The place must make you feel great but also be quiet enough to allow you to focus on your book. The quieter it is, the more you’ll want to use it. You can even create multiple reading nooks if you have plenty of space.

Adding Drama to Your Dining Room with a Striking Sideboard

Adding Drama to Your Dining Room with a Striking Sideboard

Sideboards or buffets are usually located near a casual or formal dining table. Their cabinets are used to store dinnerware, china, and linens while their tops are used to serve food from. Some have drawers for storing serving dishes and cutlery. Decorating a sideboard to enhance its functionality and appeal is not a difficult thing; the only secret is to stay true to the original purpose. Use the following tips to add pizzazz to your dining room with multi-functional sideboards.

Buffet Sideboard Mid Centruy modern

This mid-century modern sideboard compliments its surroundings beautifully

Image via: Willey Design

Choose the Perfect Design

A sideboard’s design can make or break a dining room. It is therefore important to consider the size, height, and style before deciding which one to buy. Sideboards come in different sizes; some have two doors while others have many like the Herald Sideboard. Choose a sideboard that will fit into your dining room perfectly – not one that will overwhelm the room or get overwhelmed by it. Other things to take into consideration are the attributes of the room. These determine the best choice of furniture. Conduct a thorough research before you make a final choice.

Buffet Sideboard Herald Sideboard

Herald Sideboard fits any contemporary decor

Image via: Furnished Up

Use the Buffet Tabletop for Decor

If you don’t use your sideboard’s top to serve meals, decorate it. Sideboards with flat tops like the Emma White Lacquer Modern Buffet are perfect for displaying unique items. You can display beautiful artwork, family photos, or collectibles. Other items that make a big impact are flowers and light sources. Choose a lovely vase for the flowers and always keep it filled with fresh flowers. For the light source, use a vintage lantern, a stick lamp, or candles in candlesticks or candelabras.

Buffet Sideboard Emma White Lacquer Modern buffet

Buffet Sideboard – Emma White Lacquer Modern Buffet

Image via: Furnished Up

Create a Focal Point with Artwork Hung Above

Hanging art on the wall behind a sideboard helps draw attention to the area. You can use mirrors, art canvases, or framed photos for this purpose. Relate the artwork to the furniture below by positioning it 6-12 inches above the top. However, this strategy might not work if the artwork is too small. In such a case, you can surround the art with other objects like mirrors, plates, and decorative items.

Buffet sideboard ideas

Use your sideboard for storage and decorative accessories

Image via: Wayne Windham Architect

Gone are the days when sideboards were just antique furniture pieces your mum kept her china in. They are now statement pieces that hold their own in dining rooms. They are perfect storage solutions which double as places to hide clutter and to display your favorite items. Unlike dining tables which must be kept free of decorations, they can be decorated indefinitely.

Ideal Outdoor Furniture Options to Entertain Large Groups

Ideal Outdoor Furniture Options to Entertain Large Groups

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home’s interior. It should have high-quality, stylish furnishings that reflect the indoors. Beautiful furniture not only shows off your creative side, it allows people to relax in comfort. If you love to entertain outdoors, choose gorgeous furniture. It will be the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer day or a warm, breezy evening. Here’s how you can choose outdoor furniture for large groups.

outdoor furniture ideas wood

Create conversation areas for your outdoor entertaining

Image via: Duane Kaschak, ID

Bistro Sets

These are perfect for areas like balconies, breakfast nooks, or apartment patios. They are more practical for exteriors than hulking monster pieces since they can be easily carried from one place to another. They come in handy during summer when people move furniture frequently to follow the sun.

Bistro sets come in different materials in standard and balcony height. If you’re going for a classic look, get a wrought iron set. For added comfort, choose a cushioned set. The good thing about bistro sets is that they can be dolled up with decorative seat cushions.

Outdoor Conversation Sets

Conversation sets create living rooms outdoors and are perfect for entertaining. They include sets like the Renava Kona Modern Outdoor Sofa Set and the Renava Master Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set. They look good in the front porch and the back porch and offer plenty of room for sitting. Some are modular and can be arranged into different compositions according to the occasion.

Reneva Kona Modern Outdoor Sofa

Reneva Kona Modern Outdoor Sofa

Image via: Furnished Up

Outdoor Dining Sets

Dining sets are perfect for those who enjoy alfresco dining. They come in different styles and sizes and are comprised of matching sets of tables and chairs. They are available in both natural and artificial materials and help you to create a lovely eating spot outdoors. Some dining sets require a lot of maintenance while others require none. Some come with extendable tables which are perfect for entertaining large groups.

outdoor furniture patio ideas

Regardless of your patio size create welcoming seating options

Image via:  Dufner Heighes Inc.

Choose a dining set that looks welcoming to make people want to linger after eating. Sets with upholstered wood seats or cushioned seats are a good choice. They bring elegance to outdoor spaces.

The great outdoors has become the go-to place for homeowners seeking additional entertaining space. Pools, decks, gardens, and outdoor rooms are being transformed into all-season getaways. If you love the outdoors more than the indoors or simply enjoy entertaining there, beautify the space. Make it the perfect spot for outdoor gatherings and family picnics. You’ll be proud of the space and your friends will love sharing your outdoor home with you!

Giving a Double Function to Your Room with Versatile Ottomans

Giving a Double Function to Your Room with Versatile Ottomans

Once reserved for royalty, ottomans have come a long way since they were first introduced to Europe in the late eighteenth century. They are double-duty furniture pieces that often wear double or even triple hats. They can be used for a variety of purposes as they come in different styles, patterns, and colors.

Ottomans make a great style statement and help you to save a lot of space. Here’s how you can use them to add function.

ottoman ideas

Give a double function with gorgeous tufted ottomans

Image via: Chango & Co.

Ottomans as Coffee Tables

Ottomans are gradually phasing out traditional coffee tables thanks to their unmatched functionality. You can use them as footstools when you want to rest and entertain guests whenever they come over. When choosing an ottoman to double as a coffee table, choose one with a flat top like the Sandy Wilson Furniture Bench. The top should be flat enough to hold a board game or a bowl of snacks and stable enough to support beverages.

ottoman_sandy wilson furniture bench

Sandy Wilson Furniture Bench

Image via: Furnished Up

Make Them Focal Points

The creative designs and bright colors of ottomans make them stunning focal points. They are perfect conversation pieces and can look informal in rustic rooms, or lush and extravagant in affluent settings. You can also choose ottomans with interesting shapes for a playful touch. Whatever your style, there’s an ottoman for it.

Double-functioning seating and storage

Many homes have open-plan living spaces or single living rooms nowadays. Ottomans add a lot of function to such spaces. They can divide up the space and add versatility. They can also provide alternative seating and change into sofas when placed against walls and adorned with throw pillows. A great example of a comfy ottoman is the Sandy Wilson Bella Ottoman.

ottoman_orange rust

Sandy Wilson Bella Ottoman

 Image via: Furnished Up

Besides functioning as footrests and coffee tables, ottomans can also be used for storage. Some come with hidden storage for small items like children’s toys, DVDs, or remote controls. You can also place one at the foot of your bed for added storage. Depending on the style you choose, you can get an ottoman with a top that folds back, lifts up, or moves to the side. Those with hinged tops provide the best storage as they are convenient and disguise themselves brilliantly.

ottoman ideas living room

Ottomans can create a focal point or blend in beautifully with the surroundings

Image via: MB Designs, Inc.

If you have a small home, you need furniture pieces that can serve more than one function. They’ll not only help you to save on space, they’ll also help you to cut back on your decorating budget. Get stylish, multifunctional ottomans and add comfort and convenience to your interiors. They will enhance the room’s overall beauty, utility, and style. Use these helpful tips to see how ottomans can enhance your entertaining space and perform in more functional ways than you imagined.